150: The Ateneo Way (2009)

Winner: Philippine Quill Award of Merit 2009

Winner: Anvil Award of Merit 2011

Known as Media Wise’s first publication in the category of coffee table books, 150: The Ateneo Way celebrates the sesquicentennial of the Ateneo de Manila University. This book is also considered the first penultimate recording of nearly two centuries of Jesuit education, as it shows photographs and images from the archives of the Society of Jesus.

A Legacy of Hope and Triumph (2010)

National Federation of Women’s Clubs in the Philippines

For eight decades, a rare breed of Filipino women passed the torch of enlightenment and empowerment to cast away the darkness of social despair, economic equity, and political incapacity, which centuries of colonial masters brought in this eastern part of the world. This book chronicles the passing of the torch held above the shoulders of the leaders and members of the National Women’s Clubs of the Philippines and shines light on their lives, loves, losses and liberation as clubwomen searched every nook and cranny for their rightful place in history.

Veritas Integritas Justitia: 75 Years of the Ateneo Law School (2011)

Winner: Philippine Quill Award of Excellence 2011

Winner: Anvil Award of Merit 2012

The book offers a visual experience of the Ateneo Law School’s legacy through compelling stories and old and contemporary photographs of the people, events and places that brought and continue to raise the institution’s excellence in legal education. By blending the old and the new, the book offers a panoramic view of how gallant the Philippines’s legal profession has progressed for seven decades of the school’s existence.

One Hundred Years of Craftsmanship (2012)

Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in the Philippines

The story of Freemasonry in the Philippines stemming from an international brotherhood that began at the time of the ancients and infused by heroism of Filipinos since the late 16th century. The coffeetable book produced for the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines for the centennial celebration of the latter’s founding is a fitting testament to a fraternity that includes in its roster the likes of Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Apolinario Mabini and the late Supreme Court Chief Justice Jose Abad Santos. Their story is told in the 300 pages of this exquisite book.

Years of Enkindling Hearts (2013)

Sacred Heart Parish, Cebu

Winner: Philippine Quill Award of Excellence 2014

Marking its 60th anniversary is a coffeetable book presenting the history of servant-leadership of the people representing the Sacred Heart Parish that began from a hall at the ground floor of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Cebu to being a Chinese Personal Parish called Our Lady Queen of China. The book bares the parish’s and parishioners’ journey of grace from 1952 until 2012 when it was proclaimed an Archdiocesan Shrine of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus by Archbishop Jose Palma.

Vintage of Values: A Compendium of Timeless or Timely Essays (2013)

“Vintage of Values” (A Compendium of Timeless or Timely Essays) is a collection of essays on diverse subjects that intrigued, fascinated or even titillated the author, former Court of Appeals Justice Manuel “Lolong” Lazaro, during his long practice of the legal profession, particularly in moments of silence while drafting pleadings of cases. The book is an effort of the author to awaken a better appreciation of the social and political values with moral, ethical, and legal precepts that transcend time; and to serve as a practical guide of the Filipino people and their leaders.

Parks for a Nation (2013)

National Parks Development Committee

“Parks for a Nation” interestingly presents the story of nearly two centuries of the Rizal Park and 50 years of the National Parks Development Committee. Their story is told in six main chapters filled with essays, archival images, illustrations, maps and plans. These chapters are interspersed with section breaks featuring photo and thematic essays. Computer generated graphics also paint a clear picture of Rizal Park’s physical past, its present state, and what the future holds for it as well as the historic core which it is part of.

Jesuits in Mindanao: The Mission (2013)

Winner: IABC Gold Quill Award of Merit 2017, Washington D.C.

Winner: Asia Pacific IABC Silver Quill Award 2017, Singapore

Winner: Philippine Quill Award of Excellence 2013

“Jesuits in Mindanao: The Mission” is a coffeetable book documenting almost four centuries of mission work by members of the Society of Jesus since arriving in Butuan in 1561 and returning after expulsion in the 1700s. The coffeetable book is not only a print and localized version of the Jeremy Irons-film “The Mission,” but also a creative method to raise awareness and raise funds for infirm Jesuit priests, especially those who invested their youth to undertake missionary work in Mindanao. Specifically, the coffeetable book is a product that the Philippine Jesuit Aid Association Inc., to which the book is dedicated to, can use to raise funds for the nurturing of infirm Jesuits and development of future Jesuits.

The Philippine Arena: A Monument to an Enduring Faith (2014)

Winner: Philippine Quill Award of Merit 2014 for Publications

Winner: Philippine Quill Award of Excellence 2014 for Publication Design

More than twice bigger in seating capacity than the heretofore world’s largest enclosed arenas, the Philippine Arena is a giant in both size and significance to Philippine architecture and to the Filipino people. A coffeetable book on this amazing Philippine creation shows its transcendence of architectural specifications to its embrace of an unintended but welcome symbolism–that of resolve, resourcefulness, and rejoicing.

Virgilio “Baby”: The Maestro of Philippine Basketball (2015)

Winner: Gold Anvil at the 53rd Anvil Awards

Finalist: 35th National Book Awards for Books Published in 2015

“The Maestro of Philippine Basketball” is a 235-page book on the life and times of Virgilio “Baby” Dalupan, chronicling in detail the history of his four-decade coaching career.

Tales of Plantation Bay (2016)

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

“Tales of Plantation Bay” is an assortment of informative, inspirational and interesting stories from the experiences of employees and guests of Plantation Bay Resort and Spa.

One Hundred Years of Excellence and Service (2016)

Philippine National Bank

Winner: Gold Anvil Award at the 52nd Anvil Awards

“One Hundred Years of Service Excellence” captures in 300 beautiful pages 100 eventful years of PNB’s story and in innumerable photos and images encapsulating milestone moments in the bank’s and the nation’s intertwined journeys through history. In telling PNB’s story, the book highlights the bank’s achievements as a financial organization as well as its many successful programs to uplift the life of the Filipino.

Saint Andrew’s School One Hundred Years: Pro Deo et Patria (2017)

Saint Andrew’s School, Parañaque

Winner: Gold Anvil Award at the 52nd Anvil Awards

Andrean pa rin, kahit saan makarating.” (You are still an Andrean, no matter what you achieve.) Students of St. Andrew’s School may come from all walks of life, but graduate from the school as a group of people forged by high academic and ethical standards. Having celebrated their 100th year in 2017, this book serves as a yearbook of sorts, catching up with alumni from over the years and celebrating how far they have come with the help of an Andrean education.

On the March: The Jesuits in the Philippines Since the Restoration (2018)

Winner: IABC PH Gold Quill Award, 2019

Winner: IABC Gold Quill Award of Merit 2019

Winner: Platinum Anvil Award at the 54th Anvil Awards, 2019

Winner: Gold Anvil Award at the 54th Anvil Awards, 2019

On the March chronicles the journey of the Jesuits as they bring the Catholic faith to the most remote corners of the Philippines, as well as their ministry in education throughout the years, along with the many aspects of their apostolate in the country. This book was originally conceived as a fundraising project for the Philippine Jesuit Aid Association- an institution targeted to aid the elderly, retired and infirm Jesuits, as well as the promotion of Jesuit vocations in the Philippine province. 

The Manila Jockey Club: The Front Runner (2019)

Winner: Platinum Anvil Award at the 55th Anvil Awards, 2020

Winner: Gold Anvil Award at the 55th Anvil Awards, 2020

The Front Runner details the evolution of horse racing in the Philippines through the 150 year history of the Manila Jockey Club. The book also serves as a picture book that depicts the exquisite beauty of the horses, along with how the sport of horse racing has evolved since the 1800.

The book not only talks about the sport and the horses, but also horse owners, enthusiasts, and the people who have built a community through the racetrack.