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The Force at 40: Anniversary Edition (2014)

Meralco Industrial Engineering Services Corporation / MIESCOR

Winner: Award of Merit at the 2015 IABC Philippine Quill Awards

“The Force at 40” is a magazine that celebrates the history and accomplishments of MIESCOR, the institution that pioneered and has always led in the empowerment and electrification of the Philippines. It commemorates the landmark moments of this institution that have become turning points of this country’s development: the first electric bulbs that lit up the streets of Manila; the power lines that merged with the transportation system to create the electric tramway; the shift from the use of diesel generators to electricity that was made available to millions of Filipinos, and not just the elite and the affluent; the rebuilding of the city after World War II; the creation of more power lines and power plants after the First EDSA Revolution; and the present moment, when partnerships are being created with international corporations to upgrade technology and improve current infrastructure in order to develop promising industries while continuing to bring light and power to Filipinos all over the country, especially in the remote areas.