Media Wise Wins for the Business Community

Media Wise Wins for the Business Community

Platinum in the time of pandemic! Amidst a global economic slump, a good sign that business recovery is on its way is when a prestigious award is handed out for excellence in public relations (or business) communication—such as Public Relations Society of the Philippines’s (PRSP’s) Anvil Platinum Award, the most sought after of the Anvil trophies, given to Media Wise Communications in 2020.

On the way to the platinum last year, Media Wise actually also won in 2020 the Anvil Gold Award, the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Gold Quill Award of Merit, and the Asia Pacific Silver Quill Awards, all for the coffee-table book The Manila Jockey Club: The Front Runner. That rare feat was, in fact, a repeat of the harvest of awards that Media Wise reaped in 2019 for another coffee-table book, On the March: The Jesuits in the Philippines Since the Restoration.

The Front Runner celebrates 150 years of local horse-racing history, nostalgia, and excitement as told through the story of the Manila Jockey Club. On the other hand, On the March recounts the Jesuits’ long apostolate in the country, including their daunting forays into the remotest corners of the archipelago to bring the Catholic faith to the masses.

Now, Media Wise opens the season this year with yet another triumph, this time at the 18th Philippine Quill Awards on March 25, 2021 for FINEX 50: Leading on to Wider Frontiers, a coffee-table book for the Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines, the country’s premier organization for top-tier finance executives. The book won a Philippine Quill Excellence Award in the communication skills division (publications category).

With some luck, and given the stout resilience the business community has shown, as recently exemplified by the successful staging of the first virtual awarding of the Philippine Quill Awards, it looks like it is going to be a good year after all.

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